Maya Tutorial

Preview, record, and import motion capture directly from Autodesk® Maya® 3D animation software.

MotionBuilder Tutorial

Preview, record, and import motion capture directly from Autodesk® MotionBuilder® 3D character animation software.

Unreal Engine Videos
Unreal Engine FBX Workflow

Import Shadow FBX animation into UE4, and retarget animation onto the UE4 skeleton.

Unreal Engine
Unreal Engine Live-streaming Workflow

Use the included Shadow plugin to live-stream full body animation into the UE4 game engine.

Unity Tutorial

Unity® software is a game engine and with content editing tools. Live-stream into the Unity editor and game engine, and import mocap animation for in game use.

Blender Tutorial

Blender is a free 3D animation software. Shadow includes support to preview, record, and import motion capture directly from Blender.

SteamVR Tutorial

Your Shadow motion capture system includes a plugin for hybrid position tracking with a Vive Tracker and SteamVR.

Quick Start

Follow these steps to record your first animation using the Shadow software. Start here!

Rest Pose

Always create a rest pose after putting on the Shadow suit or after a sensor is moved.

Data Folder

All files that you open, save, or export from the Shadow software are stored in your user data folder.


User and developer manuals are available in your Shadow software installation and on our Documentation page.

We are here to help! Contact us by email or at 206-201-2708 for help with any topic not covered here.