Use case
Game engine
Shadow setup

Shadow Full Body Motion Capture

Character animation content creation

Capture session for pre-visualization, in-game clips, cinematic cut scenes, film, and television

Shadow Unboxing and Setup

How to put on your suit

Luke walks you through the first unboxing, setup, and rest pose calibration

Unreal Engine Plugin - Epic Skeleton

Live animation for Unreal Marketplace characters

Stream live Shadow animation to any character in Unreal Engine for live and virtual production

Example Animation

Raw, unedited output from a mocap session

See some dynamic motion like jogging, jumping, and a walk cycle (plus bonus zombie)

CGI Exploding Car

Motion capture VFX breakdown

See how VFX2GO creates visual effects for film and television with Shadow

CGI Zombies

Motion capture VFX breakdown

See how VFX2GO uses Shadow to animate a crowd of CGI zombies

Hybrid Tracking with Vive

Accurate pose and position tracking of a dancer

Live-stream and record accurate, responsive human motion capture data

Virtual Camera Tracking

Performance capture for virtual production

Add cameras, props, and other physical objects to your scene

Coffee Table Assembly Process

Create training materials for manufacturing

See how we digitize and quantify the assembly process of an Ikea coffee table