Download the software

Put on your Shadow suit

Luke walks you through the first unboxing, setup, and rest pose calibration.

Connect to the wireless network

Connect to the Shadow device just like you join any Wi-Fi network.

Wi-Fi SSID: Shadow
Passphrase: 2062012708

Run your Shadow software

Erik shows you how to run the Shadow app, record some data, and view the animation clips.


My body tracking looks backwards

The Hips sensor worn on your belt may be upside down or in the wrong location. The position of the Hips sensor is very important to your rest pose.

Refer to the unboxing video at about 1:10 for more details.

My body is tilted at a 45 degree angle

You are using a mismatched Shadow skeleton version on your computer. Go to the Settings panel in the Shadow app, and change Skeleton to Shadow v3.