Mocap for Animators

Shadow is the easy to use, production ready motion capture system for games and film

Case to clips in 15 minutes

Capture wirelessly

Record animation clips over Wi-Fi.
Load instantly in game and scene.

Untether your mocap

Leave your workstation at home.
Use your laptop and phone.

Use any device

Run on Windows, macOS, Linux.
App for iOS and Android.

Screen shot of motion captured signals on a 2D chart plot

Use your choice of tools

No need to learn a new software suite. Shadow plugs seamlessly into your favorite game engines and content creation tools.

Unity, Unreal Engine, CRYENGINE, MotionBuilder, Maya, 3ds Max
Shadow system packed in its hardshell case

Trust our proven solution

Designed and manufactured in the USA. Shadow is field tested by the best and brightest.

Logos of some of our customers
Logos of some of our customers