SteamVR Setup

Your Shadow mocap suit can synchronize itself with a SteamVR room-scale play area. The position of the Shadow character tracks accurately in your virtual scene.

To use this extra tracking feature you need a pair of SteamVR Base Station and Vive Tracker with wearable strap.

Install the SteamVR app

Install Steam and then add the SteamVR app.

Setup your SteamVR capture area

Mount your two base stations in opposite corners of your play area and point them at each other.

Place your base stations up to 5 meters apart at a height of 1-2 meters from the floor. The idea is to get a good view at the Vive Tracker from each base station.

Pair your Vive Tracker

Plug in power to your base stations and the Bluetooth receiver to your USB port. Run the SteamVR app.

Turn on your Vive Tracker by holding down its power button. Place your Vive Tracker in view of both base stations and pair the device to your computer.

Run room setup

Place the Vive tracker on table or surface in the tracking volume so that both base stations can see it. Run the standing only room setup and just click through the steps.

Enable hybrid tracking in Shadow app

Open the Shadow app and open Settings. Change Skeleton to "Shadow Hybrid". Then change Hybrid Tracker to "Vive Tracker and SteamVR."

Open the 3D Viewer and you should be able to move the Vive Tracker around and see it tracking as a green marker.

Shadow rest pose

Place the Vive tracker on table or surface in the tracking volume so that both base stations can see it. Create your rest pose in the Shadow app.

  • Stand in the middle between your base stations and make your T-pose.
  • Point your right hand at the first base station your left hand at the second base station.
Try out some motion

After completing the rest pose, put the Vive tracker back on your right hip and try walking forward, and walking backward. If the motion is backwards in the 3D Viewer, then repeat the rest pose but rotate your body 180 degrees.

Now you're ready to stream and record using your hybrid tracker.


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