File Formats

Get more sample Shadow motion capture data on our downloads page.

Autodesk FBX

FBX files are our preferred animation export format. FBX is widely supported in 3D animation packages, with excellent compatibility in all Autodesk software. Autodesk provides a free conversion utility and viewer for FBX files.

Visit the Autodesk web site for more information about the FBX format.

Download FBX file

BVH (Biovision Hierarchy)

BVH files are only used for skeletal motion capture data. The format is a plain text file. BVH is a legacy format and supported for backwards compatibility.

Visit the Wisconsin Graphics Group for the best BVH reference available online.

Download BVH file

C3D (Coordinate 3D)

C3D is a biomechanics and motion capture file format. C3D is not a hierarchical format. We export animation as a set of 3D points in world space augmented by their rotations. We support the Joint Coordinate System (JCS) standard proposed by the International Society of Biomechanics.

Visit the C3D web site for more information. Motion Lab Systems (no relation to Motion Workshop) also provides some free and commercial tools for viewing and editing C3D files, such as the MLSviewer.

We also recommend Mokka for viewing the C3D files and biomechanical analysis. Mokka is configurable to display 3D points as well as 2D plots of the measurement data. We include a visual template for use in Mokka.

Download C3D file

CSV (Comma Separated Value)

CSV is a plain text format for columns and rows of data. CSV is supported in many applications and is our most compatible file format.

We export motion capture data as one channel of data per column and one time sample per row. Our CSV format adheres to the RFC 4180 specification.

Download CSV file