Unity Game Engine Tutorial

Shadow includes support to live stream and import animation into Unity® software. Preview in the Unity editor, live stream into the Unity game engine, and import mocap animation for in game use. This tutorial outlines the Unity assets included with all of our Shadow motion capture systems.

1) Import the Shadow Motion Capture asset into your Unity project. Place the Shadow model in the scene.

To live stream Shadow animation into Unity you need our skeleton model and a script based controller. We provide a package that includes all of the assets you need to get started.

Download the Shadow package from the Unity Asset Store or directly from our site and import them into your Unity project.

Drag a copy of our Shadow model into your scene. This includes our standard skeleton and a mesh for preview.

2) Select the Shadow object and then Add Component > Scripts > Motion > Shadow Behaviour in the Inspector panel.

Select the Shadow object in the scene to enable live streaming. Once the object is selected press the Add Component button at the bottom of the Inspector panel. Choose Scripts > Motion > Shadow Behaviour from the drop down menu.

Shadow Behaviour is a Unity script component that controls the position and rotation of objects in the scene. Once the component is added to the Shadow object motion capture streaming is enabled.

3) Press the play button to stream Shadow data into the scene and game engine.

Press the play button to live stream Shadow animation data into the scene. The realtime preview works in both the editor scene view and the game engine.

Note: The Shadow mocap system must already be connected and streaming data to your computer to see the animation update in Unity.

4) Import Shadow animation clips as FBX assets. Browse to the Motion user data folder for a list of recordings.

You can also import Shadow takes into Unity as animation clip assets. The Shadow system exports FBX files that are compatible with Unity.

To import a Shadow take, simply run the Assets > Import New Asset... command. Browse to the Motion Data Folder for a list of recorded animations in FBX format.

We have some sample FBX animations available for download to help get you started.

5) Preview a Shadow take in the AnimationStack panel. This animation can be use for in game clips.

Select the take asset to view the animation in the AnimationStack in the lower right corner of the Unity editor. This animation is now available for use as an in game clip.

Note: The Shadow object for live streaming is completely separate from the imported take animation. The Shadow preview object has returned to its rest T-pose since the scene is stopped. Press play to enable live streaming again.


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