SteamVR Tutorial

Your Shadow motion capture system supports hybrid position tracking with a Vive Tracker and SteamVR. The position of the Shadow animation is synchronized with the VR room for live streaming and for recorded clips.

To use the SteamVR hybrid plugin you need at least 2 Base Stations and 1 Tracker (HTC VIVE).

Setup with controllers and headset

If you have a full VIVE kit you can use the controllers and headset.

Minimal setup

You can setup SteamVR without any controllers or headset.

SteamVR config

You need to enter some custom settings to use SteamVR without a headset plugged in.

  • You need to update your settings file stored at:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\config\steamvr.vrsettings
  • Add this text to your settings:
        "activateMultipleDrivers" : true
      "driver_null" : {
        "enable" : true
  • Or download our example settings file.
SteamVR room setup

Since there is no real headset, choose the Standing Only calibration and just click through the steps.

  • The tracking space is centered at the first base station.
  • Enter the height of the first base station off the ground to correct the floor plane.
Shadow rest pose
  • When you create the rest pose from the Shadow app, stand in between the two base stations.
  • Point your left hand at the first base station your right hand at the second base station.


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