Data Folder

All files that you open, save, or export from the Shadow software are stored in your data folder. The default location of the data folder varies by platform.

\\Shadow\data (Network Share)

When you access a file from the Motion software its path is always relative to the data folder. For example, on Windows, the file named take.fbx is located at C:\Users\username\Documents\Motion\take.fbx on your computer.


  • default

    Stores system settings for the Motion software.

  • take

    Recording session storage. Organized by date (YYYY-MM-DD) and in number sequence (NNNN).

User Interface

Files in the data folder are all directly accessible from the Shadow User Interface. For example, to browse your previously recorded takes and load one for export simply open:

You can also add your own files to the data folder. This is especially useful to create a Lua scripted sequence of commands. Refer to section 2.3 the Scripting Reference manual for more details.