Animation Content Creation

Shadow motion capture system is a complete solution for animation content creation. For pre-visualization, in-game clips, cinematic cut scenes, or character animation for film.

Unreal Engine Shadow Plugin

A tutorial how to live-stream Shadow full body motion capture animation into the Unreal Engine (UE4).

Full Body Motion Capture

A general overview of the Shadow motion capture system, this video demonstrates live-streaming of general motions including stretching, walking, climbing a ladder, and pushups.

Animation Demo

This video shows unedited, raw motion capture animations of running, jumping, jogging, and walking. The animation data for these motions are available for download here.

Lower Body Mocap

This video presents the lower body Shadow motion capture system, showing how to wear the sensor straps, and general walking motion.

Tutorial: Mokka Biomechanics Viewer

Mokka is a great viewer for 3D biomechanics data from the Shadow motion capture system. Mokka includes a timeline, a 3D view, and user configurable data plots.

Tutorial: Rest Pose

In this tutorial, we describe the process of setting up the system and getting ready to record a take, including T-pose calibration step.

Tutorial: Quick Start

In this short tutorial we walk through recording a take and export an FBX animation file, which can be loaded in Autodesk Maya, MotionBuilder, or other content creation apps such as Blender.